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Body Evolution Boot Camp Sydney

Transform Your Body in One Life-Changing Step

Oran Park outdoor fitness program


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Harrington Park Fitness Boot Camp

– Weight Loss of up to 12kg in 8 weeks

– Reduction of inches from your waist, hips and thighs

– Toned physique

– Lower body fat percentage

– Increase in your level of fitness

– Improvement to your overall health

All you have to do is stay focused and keep to your personalised nutrition plan and the training program tailored specifically to your needs. It’s never too late to make changes to your lifestyle and Enter Fitness can help you make a real difference to your physical and emotional well being.


Next Stop…

Enter Mitchell…your pillar of support!

Lean on me whenever you need a bit of motivation or just some friendly advice. I’m a former A-League football player with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry and an encouraging nature to boot, I will be your inspiration and driving force.

Take yet another step and begin the journey to a new you with Body Evolution Camp at Oran Park. Along the way, you will receive:

* Regular fat blasting 1 hour workouts with guaranteed results

* Invigorating, fun & varied calorie burning exercises so boredom won’t seep into your routine

* A customized nutrition plan to suit YOUR needs and goals

Jack Brabham Reserve, Oran Park

6:30 – 7:30PM

Monday & Thursday @ 6:30pm

Saturday @ 8:00am

Our Oran Park bootcamps are based on 3 sessions per week.  With one membership, you can also attend our bootcamp classes at Harrington Park.  One membership, two locations!  This gives you the ultimate flexibility to attend classes up to 4 workouts per week between the two locations.


Oran park fitness boot camp - Body Evolution Camp


All Fitness Levels Welcome!

One Membership, Two Locations – Harrington Park & Oran Park

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  • Full Nutrition Plan!
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