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Bring fun-filled exercise programs for children and teenagers directly to your school.
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What is FitSkoolz?

FitSkoolz is a cost-effective Student Health and Fitness Program bringing outdoor fitness training directly to school grounds in the Greater Sydney area.

FitSkoolz Mission

Our goal is to introduce students into the world of health and fitness.  It should be embraced and not feared, leading them away from the current trend of childhood obesity.

Alarming Statistics

Children watch an average of 2.5 hours of television EVERY DAY, as well as spending time using computers and other electronics.

As well as poor nutrition choices, this trend has led to a double in childhood obesity with 1 in 4 children considered overweight or obese.

About FitSkoolz

Created by former A-League football player, Mitchell Mallia our fully certified fitness trainers deliver fun-filled, motivating health and fitness programs for youth ages 7-16 at the most convenient location – your own school!

3 Pillars of FitSkoolz

Fitness and health aren’t just about numbers on a scale or the size of clothing our children wear.  We believe exercise and movement should be incorporated into a lifestyle of activity and fun.  At FitSkoolz, we focus on using our fitness programs as a springboard for lifelong health, both physically and mentally. Our program is designed specifically to:

+ Increase Confidence

+ Build Character

+ Make Movement Fun


Praise for FitSkoolz

“FitSkoolz was easy to implement and the Trainers were fantastic!  It’s incredible how well the students responded to the weekly workouts, drills and games.”

– Mrs. Macri
Good Samaritan Catholic College

Mitchell Mallia FitSkoolz Founder

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